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How do I add Members to my Group?

1. Navigate to Group

2. Click ‘Group Options’ > ‘Edit Info’

3. Change ‘Access’ to ‘Open’ and click ‘Save Changes’

You will need to change your access settings to ‘Open’ while you add your members to your group, however you will change it back to ‘Invite Only’ once you have finished adding all members.

4. Click ‘Back to <Group Name>’

5. Click ‘Members’

6. Click ‘Add Members’

7. Select School

Select the appropriate school that your member is in (North Raleigh Christian Academy – HS = High School; North Raleigh Christian Academy – MS = Middle School).

8. In the search box, type in the last name of the member and press enter

9. Select member and repeat steps 8 and 9 until all members have been selected

10. Check ‘Add members without invite’ and click ‘Add Members’

11. Click ‘Group Options’ > ‘Edit Info’

12. Change ‘Access’ to ‘Invite Only’ and click ‘Save Changes’

Forgetting to do this step will leave your group open for anyone to join.

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