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How do I link my course sections?

1. Navigate to the ‘Course Dashboard’ page in Schoology

2. Click ‘Courses’

3. Click ‘My Courses’

*Note: It is recommended you change your section names to class periods before linking them to your sections. Link them in order of class period by selecting your first period’s gear wheel first. See How do I change my section names?

4. Click the gear wheel next to the section

5. Click ‘Link Existing Sections’

6. Check the boxes of each section (in order) and then click ‘Next’

7. Click the ‘Standard CSV’ button and then click ‘Download and Next’

8. Click ‘Link Sections’

You may not see your courses linked on your ‘Course Dashboard’ page right away. Sometimes it takes a few minutes, sometimes a few hours to see that change.  

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