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What are some grade sync best practices?

  • Create assignments and assessments via your Materials page rather than through the calendar or through the gradebook 
  • Leave folders that have assignments/assessments in them published while syncing from Schoology to PS 
  • Wait to sync assignments that are individually assigned until all students have taken the assessment or completed the assignment 
  • Do not change due dates on assessments or assignments that have been synced 
  • Don’t check the sync to SIS box if you are not intending to issue a grade 
  • Spot check grades between Schoology & PS gradebooks a few times a quarter 
  • If grades don’t match, check the assignments. What is in one gradebook that is not in the other? And vice versa 
  • Never enter a grade directly in PS 
  • An 89.45 may show as an 89.5 in Schoology but the actual grade is an 89 and that is what will be shown in PS 
  • Bulk edit: be sure the assignment name is not longer than 50 characters, the sync to SIS box is checked and make sure the following options are all selected: category, grading scale, due date, and period 
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