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What Digital Textbooks does NRCA use?

NRCA selects textbooks by prioritizing academic quality and value to students. There are few courses for which there are no quality digital textbooks and will require a traditional print book. Over the next few years as older textbooks phase out we may see the addition of more digital textbooks. Teachers review their textbooks and the text’s medium and delivery yearly to ensure that their students have the best possible educational experience.

Books published via NRCA Press have been written by NRCA staff members and meet the needs of each individual class.  Books published by BJU Press will be available to students via their NRCA Schoology course.

Middle School

6th Grade

  • Bible – Biblical Worldview (BJU Press)
  • History – Heritage Studies 6 (BJU Press)
  • Science – Life Science (BJU Press)

7th Grade

  • Bible – Story of the Old Testament (BJU Press)
  • History – World Studies (BJU Press)
  • Science – Earth Science (BJU Press)

8th Grade

  • Bible – Life of Christ (BJU Press)
  • History – American Republic (BJU Press)
  • Science – Physical Science (BJU Press)

High School 

9th Grade

  • English – Introduction to Literature (NRCA Press)
  • History – World History (BJU Press)
  • Science – Biology (BJU Press)

10th Grade

  • English – World Literature (NRCA Press)
  • History – American Government (BJU Press)
  • History – AP American Government & Cengage)
  • Science – Introduction to Anatomy & Physiology (Goodheart-Willcox)

11th Grade

  • English – American Literature (NRCA Press)
  • History – US History (BJU Press)
  • History – Economics (BJU Press)
  • Math – Precalculus (BJU Press)

12th Grade

  • English – British Literature (NRCA Press)
  • History – Economics (BJU Press)
  • Math – Precalculus (BJU Press)
  • Science – Ecology (McGraw Hill)
  • Science – AP Environmental Science (McGraw Hill)
  • Science – AP Physics C (Savvas)
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