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What do I do if I break my iPad?

If an iPad has been broken or damaged, a student should first log in to Incident IQ either via the app or through a web browser, such as Safari. Students will log in using their NRCA email address ( and password. All students have access to log in to this help site even though all students do not have access to send and receive emails.

Then a student should complete a help desk ticket for the device that is broken. For additional help on how to submit a ticket please see the article How do I submit a Help Desk request?

After the help desk ticket has been completed they will be contacted by a member of the technology department to set-up a time for repair. At the time of repair, the student will need to bring their iPad, Insurance Claim Form, and proper payment at the time designated by technology staff. The student will not receive a replacement iPad until a signed form and payment has been received.

The technology staff will get usernames and passwords from students and begin the process of setting up a new iPad from a backup, if available. The goal is to have the student’s iPad back to the student by the end of the day. Once the student has received a replacement iPad they will not need to trade back later. 


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