How do I delete Explain EDU videos?

Info Explain EDU videos are typically stored on the device. This tends to take up available iPad storage very quickly. If you find that your iPad storage is beginning to fill up (not iCloud), you may need to delete videos from Explain EDU after you have saved them to your OneDrive. STEP STEP 1 Tap […]

How do I turn on iCloud Drive?

STEP STEP 1 Launch Settings STEP STEP 2 On the left-hand menu tap your name STEP STEP 3 Tap 'iCloud' STEP STEP 4 Tap 'iCloud Drive' STEP STEP 5 Make sure the 'iCloud Drive' radio button is switched to on (green) You may also be interested in … How do I make sure I have […]

How do I submit an assignment from Notability to Schoology?

Tip You must have the Schoology app installed on the iPad and also be logged in to your account. If you are not sure how to log in see ‘How do I log in to Schoology via the iOS app (Students)?‘. STEP STEP 1 Navigate to the assignment in Notability and tap the action button […]

How do I turn on my OneDrive backups in Notability?

Info You are not required to have OneDrive installed on your iPad for your files to backup to your OneDrive account. STEP STEP 1 In Notability, tap on the Gear in the bottom left-hand corner STEP STEP 2 Under 'Manage Accounts' tap 'Log in' for OneDrive STEP STEP 3 Tap 'Continue' STEP STEP 4 Log […]