How do I submit an Assignment from Notability to Schoology?

You must have the Schoology app installed on the iPad and also be logged in to your account. 1. Navigate to the assignment in Notability and tap the action button in the top left-hand corner 2. Tap ‘Other Apps’ 3. Make sure the format is ‘pdf’ and tap ‘Share Note’ 4. Scroll across the app […]

How do I turn on my OneDrive back-ups in Notability?

1. Launch Notability 2. Tap on the gear in the bottom left-hand corner of the app 3. Under ‘Manage Accounts’ tap ‘Log in’ for OneDrive 4. Log in to your NRCA OneDrive account by entering your NRCA email address 5. Tap ‘Next’ 6. You should see the NRCA Tech logo; type in your school password […]