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How do I backup my iPad up to a computer?


If you set an 'Encryption Password' when backing up to a home computer and someone from NRCA needs to backup the device to a school computer then the technology staff will need access to that password.

The instructions below link to Apple’s Support website where they keep track of regular updates and user interface changes. If you need additional assistance with backing your iPad up to a computer please contact Apple (1-800-800-2775) and someone from Apple’s support team should be able to assist you. 

Unfortunately, because every home computer, network, etc. is unique, NRCA’s technology department is not able to offer assistance for backing up to a computer that is not property of NRCA. 

Download iTunes to your home computer.

Instructions for backing up your iPad to a Mac computer can be found here.

Instructions for backing up your iPad to a Windows computer can be found here.

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