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How do I complete my Grade Setup in Schoology?

1. Navigate to your Schoology Course

2. Link course sections

How do I link my course sections?

3. Navigate to ‘Grade Setup’

4. Click ‘+Add’

5. Add Grading Category information for each graded category

  1. Type in Category Name.
  2. Click the dropdown next to ‘Calculated by’ and choose ‘Percent’.
  3. Drop lowest: If you choose to drop the lowest grade in a particular category, make sure this matches what you have set-up in PowerSchool.
  4. Type in the weight for each category. After the first category is created, click the ‘Weight Categories’ checkbox, then click ‘Save’ at the bottom of the page then repeat the process for each subsequent graded category (Classwork/Homework, Exam, Quiz, & Test). If ‘Weight’ does not show, you can check the ‘Weight Categories’ checkbox after the categories have been created and enter the correct percentages.
  5. The weights for each category are as follows:
    Classwork/Homework: 10%
    Quiz: 30%
    Test: 60%
    Exam: 0%
  6. Click ‘Create’. 

Repeat steps 1-3 for each course you teach.

6. Change Gradebook Scale to ‘NRCA Grading Scale’ and then click ‘Save Changes’

7. Click the PowerSchool App

8. Click ‘Approve’

Skip to step 6 if you do not get the PowerSchool Authorization notification as shown in the screenshot below.

9. Click the ‘Configuration’ tab

10. Select the dropdown arrow under ‘Schoology Course Categories’

11. Map all course categories to their respective PowerSchool categories

12. Check box next to ‘Automatically shorten assignment titles’ & click ‘Save Changes’

13. Repeat steps 10-12 for each section of each course

How do I drop lowest scores by category in Schoology?

How do I drop low scores by category in my Schoology gradebook?

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