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What is Notability?

All students have access to Notability for their school iPad in the app store. Notability is a paid app that is provided to students for free. If you cannot download the Notability app for free, submit a help request in Incident IQ. Click on the Notability banner above from your iPad to be taken directly to the Apple App Store to download Notability.

Notability is a simple note-taking and PDF annotation. You will find that students and teachers use Notability daily to take notes, complete assignments, and much more. See below for some of our most Frequently Asked Questions about Notability. For even more helpful articles, check out the Notability page of the knowledge base for growing list articles on how to use Notability to the fullest.

How do I turn on my Notability backups?

How do I submit an assignment form Notability to Schoology?

How do I download a pdf from Schoology to Notability?

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