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How do I submit an Assignment from Notability to Schoology?

You must have the Schoology app installed on the iPad and also be logged in to your account.

1. Navigate to the assignment in Notability and tap the action button in the top left-hand corner

2. Tap ‘Other Apps’

3. Make sure the format is ‘pdf’ and tap ‘Share Note’

4. Scroll across the app list until you see ‘Schoology’ or ‘Copy to Schoology’

5. Tap ‘Copy to Schoology’

6. Schoology will open; tap ‘Submit to Assignment’

7. Tap the course to upload the assignment to

8. Select the name of the assignment

9. You can also search the name of the assignment in the search bar and select the name of the assignment

10. Tap ‘Upload’

11. Submission confirmation

12. To confirm the assignment has been submitted, navigate to the assignment and tap ‘SUBMISSIONS’

This step can be performed at any point in time to confirm that an assignment has been submitted.

13. You can see all submissions and revisions with the name of the file, date and time

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